Anthony Braxton’s Trillium operas are now listed in the database

Saxophonist, composer, improviser, and an early member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Anthony Braxton is now listed in the database. His works are performed and recorded through his organization, Tri-Centric Foundation.

The three works listed in this database are operas from his Trillium Cycle. The Trillium Cycle is a work in progress, as it is described by the Tri-Centric Foundation, “Trillium Cycle – ultimately, an interlinked ‘opera complex’ of 36 acts, a hugely ambitious creative endeavor comparable in scope to Wagner’s Ring Cycle or Stockhausen’s Licht, of which five installments totaling fifteen acts have been performed or recorded since 1985.” Trillium R, Trillium J, and Trillium E are recorded on Braxton’s label. Here is a preview of Trillium J.

Anthony Braxton has over 400 compositions in his catalog. Out of that, 17 of those compositions are for opera, but a number of them have yet to be performed. As he continues to record the Trillium Cycle, those operas will be added to the database.

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