New Publishers in the Database: Theodore Presser and PromoMusica

As I fill out the the database with Latin American composers, I also find many American composers. A few highlights from today’s search.

PromoMusica publishes the works of Mexican and Mexican American composers. Listed in the database are two operas by Juan Trigos, a Mexican American composer. The operas are DeCachetitoRaspado and Ella-Miau.

Theodore Presser is more known for it’s concert music collection but they do manage a few opera rentals. On their website I found operas by Ricky Ian Gordon, Paul Salerni, Hugo Weisgall, and an unfinished opera, Sacco and Vanzetti by Marc Blitzstein, completed in 2001 by Leonard Lehrman.

I’m currently researching Cuban opera. I already have some Cuban and Cuban American composers in the database; Moisés Simons and Tania León. I hope to find more composers. If you know of any opera or ballets from Cuba that use the saxophone, I’d like to hear from you.

Published by Mary Huntimer

Saxophonist, teacher, opera and silent movie enthusiast. All opinions are my own.

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