New works added to the database from PWM, Peer Music, and Oxford University Press

The database keeps growing each day, now it’s up to 656 entries. I added works by the publishers PWM, Peer Music, and Oxford University Press.

The publisher PWM is located in Poland and publishes works by Polish composers. Their catalog includes works by Juliusz Łuciuk, Ryszard Bukowski, and Augustyn Bloch. The earliest work in the database from PWM is in 1962 with Augustyn Bloch’s ballet, Voci.

Next up is Peer Music. Peer Music publishes works by Stefan Wolpe, Moisey Weinberg, Tania León, and Mohammed Fairouz. You can discover all of their saxophone works on the database. Stefan Wolpe has the earliest entry with the Zeitopern, Zeus und Elida: A Musical Grotesque, which premiered in 1928.

Finally, we get to Oxford University Press. Oxford University Press publishes the works of Edward Harper, Phyllis Tate, and Ralph Vaughan Williams. Ralph Vaughan Williams is responsible for one of the most iconic saxophone solos in English ballet music. Here is Vaughan William’s 1931 ballet Job, “Scene VI,” which starts off with a slinky alto saxophone solo and ends with the opening of the gates of hell.

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